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A Call to Action

We have been asked repeatedly, “what can I do?” Now is the time for the younger generations to take up the mantle of reproductive rights for all. Now is the time for young women and men to organize to prevent violence of all kinds in our communities. Now is the time to prepare to carry the torch that will, very soon, be passed along to you.

This IS a call to action. We offer five suggestions below, from very simple changes in the language you use to joining others in the movement to protect women’s reproductive choice.

1. Be informed. Be accurate. And most of all, be willing to share. Aside from the relentless (and too many times successful) attempts to restrict access to abortion care, there is also a great deal of false information coming from the opposition. The so-called crisis pregnancy centers are especially deceptive about what to expect from an abortion and spreading misinformation that sets women up to be fearful and hesitant. You can help combat the misinformation campaign by sharing your opinion and the real facts about abortion. Not sure what to say or where to start? We find it helpful to remember just one or two favorite talking points. Among the most compelling facts: One in three women in the U.S. will have an abortion by the time they are 45.

2. Attend an event hosted by Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center or our sister organizations throughout Maine. The more you connect, the more you know, the stronger we all become. Looking for the next opportunity to connect? Check out our Education and Events page by clicking here.

3. Stop saying “I’m pro-choice, BUT…” What we’ve seen in the last 36 years since the passage of Roe v. Wade is a growing isolation among women who have abortions – a reluctance to talk about it both privately and publicly. Much of that reluctance does have to do with anti-choice rhetoric, but much of it also has to do with a well-meaning pro-choice stance – “I support you in your decision, BUT I would never have an abortion myself.” Many in the pro-choice camp have found it easy to distance themselves and still feel supportive: “I’m pro-choice, BUT I would never have an abortion myself. I’m pro-choice, BUT I don’t think it should be used for birth control. I’m pro-choice, BUT more than one abortion is not ok.” Regardless of why you think it’s ok to say “BUT,” that one word can do a lot to silence women. That one word is perceived by women in unplanned pregnancy situations as negative judgment from you. Be pro-choice. Period.

4. Tell your story.  One in three U.S. women will have an abortion in their lifetime.  We believe that when we share our experiences with abortion, we empower ourselves and others.  By telling your story, you let other women know that that the women who have abortions are a diverse group.  There is not just one type of woman who has an abortion and they are not alone.  The Mabel's Voices Project is one way to share your story.  Learn about the project by clicking here.  

5. Join Mabel’s Maine Frame to learn more by receiving “Hot Flashes” via email. Mabel’s Maine Frame is a group of 560+ people who make up our online grassroots community of advocates for women’s reproductive rights in Maine. Stay informed and get VIP invitations by signing up today!

6. Give. Give your time by volunteering, give your financial support to your local nonprofit women’s health organizations, and give freely of your pro-choice and peaceful opinions. For more information on ways to give to Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center, click here.

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