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Mabel's Voices Project

Mabel's Voices Project

Our goal is to end the shame, silence, and stigma that surround abortion and stop the marginalization of reproductive health.  We believe that when we share our experiences with abortion, we empower ourselves and others.  By telling your story, you let other women know that the women who have abortions are a diverse group.  There is not just one type of woman who has an abortion.  It is a normal and necessary part of women's reproductive lives.  The stories collected through the Mabel’s Voices Project will be compiled into materials such as brochures, films, and booklets that can be used to help women understand their options and make informed choices about their reproductive lives.
Click here to view the Mabel's Voices Project blog.

Guidelines for Sharing Stories

Speak from your own experience: the goal of Mabel’s Voices is to share stories of real Maine women who have chosen abortion.  We are not interested in political rhetoric or value judgments about other women’s choices.  Please share your own unique story, and remember that you only speak for yourself.

Many ways to share: We recognize that some ways of sharing your story are more comfortable than others, so we’ve created many different ways to share.  Submit a video or written story, or call us to set up a video or audio recording session.  We want to hear from you, so if there’s a different way you’d like to share, let us know!
To set up a video recording session email Abbie at or call 947-5337 ext.114.
To submit a written story click here.

Share your name: The Mabel’s Voices Project is about taking ownership of your story and telling women there is no shame in choosing abortion.  Thus, we request that you use your real full name when sharing your story with us.  While we still consider stories submitted anonymously, do recognize that distancing yourself from your story contributes to the silence.

Be concise: We know that sometimes it’s a long story, but we find that stories are most effectively shared when they are concise.  Please try to keep your story to less than three minutes.  Please also be aware that we may have to edit certain stories due to time constraints.  Don’t know where to start? Refer to our guiding questions.

Keep in touch: We would love to keep hearing from our storytellers.  Stay involved with the project by encouraging your friends and family to tell their abortion stories.  The more women that tell their stories, the more obvious it becomes that abortion affects women’s lives in many different ways.  Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll send you updates so you can get involved in more actions that support women’s right to choose. 

Guiding questions

-          How old were you when you had your abortion?

-          How did you make your decision?

-          How did it feel to make your decision?

-          Who did you talk to about your choice?

-          How did you feel after your abortion was over?

-          What do you think about your abortion today?


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